Here's a rather interesting release thanks to Tesla's Troy Luccketta who produced this album.

This is the debut CD of the very talented singer/songwriter Eric Westphal from California. Troy also handles the drums and joining Eric and Troy are a host of well known artists including fellow Tesla buddy Tommy Skeoch, Marc Bonnilla, Bobby Messano, Jimmy Z amongst others, so quite a cast of characters eh?

Eric also wrote a song called 'Marie' for Eric Martin which you can listen to on Eric Martin's new CD "I'm Goin' Sane" which has just been released by Frontiers. You can buy this album on the Buy Eric's CD's page.

This album features a line up of Eric Martin, Mark Chole (bass), Denise Martin (drums), Mark Holley (guitar), Paul Dorr (keyboards).
Guest musicians include: Jerry Marquez (bass, guitar, backing vocals); James Fisher (guitar) David Simon-Baker (guitar, backing vocals); Joel A. Cadena aka DJ396 (scratches); Zoe Ellis (background vocals) and Eric Gorfain (guitar).

Eric Westphal also co-wrote the song "Marie" which Eric Martin recorded for this album, his latest release on Frontiers Records. Visit Eric Martins site at www.ericmartin.com

Soul, blue-eyed soul, rock & roll, funk, and rhythm & blues are all phrases you might use to categorize the Strokeland Superband. However, this melange of music, musicians and vocalists virtually defies classification.

Stephen "Doc" Kupka, the main member of "Tower Of Power" present you the super project called "Storkeland Superband" with many super musicians including present and former members of "Tower Of Power". You can listen to the lead vocals performed by Huey Lewis, Mickey Thomas (of "Starship") and Bill Champlin. Eric Westphal provides backup vocals, horns are provided by members of the original "Tower Of Power Horn Section". You can check out the STROKELAND site at www.strokeland.com

Gary Young, former drummer of the alternative rock n roll super group, Pavement, puts out his first solo effort, featuring the heavily rotated MTV

classic 'Plant Man'.  Gary sings, plays drums, plays guitar, and gives you

A collection of songs and sky scraping alternative ditty's that one won't soon forget.  Eric Westphal provides bass, piano, guitar, and background vocals, and also worked on Gary's albums Hospital, The Things We Do For You, and the soon to be released, Grey Record. 

Plantmaaaaan……………………!   www.shockmount.com

Sacramento-born and Stockton-bred Dirk Hamilton is one of the singer-songwriter world's best-kept secrets. After years fighting the music-biz wars (two albums for ABC/Dunhill and two for Elektra/Asylum in the '70s; plenty of "we love ya, we'll call ya, just don't call us" letters since then), Hamilton found his groove playing to rabid fans in Italy. Hamilton's soaring but sandpapery tenor resides somewhere between Astral Weeks-era Van Morrison and John Hiatt; his songs--self-penned or co-written with Stockton musician Eric Westphal--wed a whimsical but penetrating lyric vision to soul-influenced, Hiatt-like (or Graham Parker-like) sonics. This 12-tune set, adroitly co-produced by Hamilton and Bradley Kopp, former guitarist for the great Jimmie Dale Gilmore, may be the finest in his 10-album catalog. If classic Dylan and Morrison ignite your wick, here's a hot tip.  www.dirkhamilton.com

You Don't Know Jack / The Ride. This was the fourth release of the You Don't Know Jack CD ROM trivia game series.  This game was unique in the fact that it not only featured the usual cast of zany characters,  this time out they utilized the talents of some very well known musicians and voices.  The music was produced by Sky Productions, and featured contributions from Todd Rundgren, Eric Westphal, and Rob Warren.  www.sierrasystems.com

James Blonde / International Orange. Let's make this clear, Extremely Highly Recommended. This is old school power pop, the late 70's variety and sounding very much like The Toms, Flashcubes, Rubinoos, early Spongetones, "Set To Pop"-era Bill Lloyd (the guitars can really, really ring!) and Ray Paul. And this band DID exist back then and was courted by labels during the 80's reign of power pop. It would be easy to dismiss such present-day channeling if the songs were not so well crafted and refined through the fires of passion and unpretentiousness. Like finding 5 undiscovered 7" singles (10 songs total) at garage sale by a band you've never heard about only looked OE very pop and turned out to be that and more. About as perfect and fresh recreation of a by-gone sound in 2000 as a pop fan can or will find. Extremely Highly RecommendedYou can buy this album on the Buy Eric's CD's page.

Just a select few, of Eric's musical endeavors